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How do you establish trust with someone?

Difficult, I know. Especially when your ears get filled with all those “just right” lines trying to hook you like a catfish and reel you in. Well, I’m not designed that way. I have this driving need to earn trust by being upfront, brazenly honest, and letting my past speak for itself. So, let me tell you a little about myself and you can be the judge on whether you want to take a chance and cast your precious trust in my direction. I’d be more than happy to catch it, guard it with my life, and help you down the path to reach your goals.

I’m a Texan country girl through and through. I learned to love Central Texas by digging my little toes into the rich dirt of my grandparent’s ninety-five-acre farm just on the outskirts of Waco. Surrounded by a horde of brothers, sisters, and cousins, we played hard from sun-up to sun-down. I grew up appreciating the smell of my grandmother’s flowers after a hard rain, the sound of frogs croaking out their content on a warm summer night, mesquite trees and the sight of my favorite gorgeous Texas bluebonnets blanketing the sides of our majestic country roads. While sitting on the bank of a pond and fishing with my favorite uncle, who happened to be a successful Real Estate broker, I found my calling. I listened to many a story of the satisfaction he had in helping families find homes and the freedom in doing something he loved so much. This was the day that I was the fish that got hooked.

I began my “Life by Design” right out of high school. I dipped my toes into this wonderful profession by becoming an Apartment Leasing Agent near Baylor University and moving quickly into the role of Assistant Manager. With a lot of focused study, I was soon a Certified Property Manager. During the ensuing eighteen years of Property Management, I continued my education by taking yearly real estate classes with the Texas Apartment Association. Never happy with the status quo, I added another delightful twist to my career by becoming a Relocation Specialist at a Consulting Firm in charge of several Texas Department of Transportation highway widening projects including Waco, Austin, San Antonio, McKinney, and Houston. I also earned my Real Estate License to top it off. During the following eleven years, I successfully, and with great pride, relocated hundreds of families, businesses, and corporations.

In 2013 after these highway projects came to an end, I continued this heart-warming journey of helping others by taking my years of expertise and becoming a valuable member of the Waco Association of Realtors. Years of effort continued education, and placing myself in unique positions is how this little country girl became the most qualified and experienced Relocation Realtor in Waco, Texas.

These years of experience, knowledge, and honesty combined together with my heart’s desire to help your family find your heart’s desire “the perfect dream home, and a better life”. All you have to do is ask…and I’ll always tell you the truth.

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Lisa Prater Realtor
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When I called she answered right away. She listened and understood what i was looking
for that was within my budget. She was prompt and courteous and very professional. Will use again.


Mrs. Prater was extremely professional and had a great attitude and personality. She was able to show me a few homes that had everything on my wish list of the perfect home for me and my family in the past. I definitely look forward to doing business with her… (more)


She was very nice,very polite. She was able to show everything i was looking for. She was good at taking notes on what i wanted and/or needed. I plan to tell my friends about Lisa and if i move gain she is the one i will go to.

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